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Dekoria was designed for all those people who see happiness not as a destination but as a journey. For those who enjoy sharing their every best moments welcoming friends and family.

We offers creative and unique blend of services that will make your event memorable. If you are looking to celebrate a wedding, birthday, special event or simply inviting friends over for a festive brunch—we can offer the perfect entertaining solutions to fit your needs!

Dekoria is a full service event design, planning and coordination company. We aim to bring our best and work with the best only. We combine creativity with efficiency and originality with passion to provide Events which transcends trends and reflects our customer personality.

We bring dream events to life!






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Thank you for your visit and your interest to know more about me! It is really nice to have you here.

This is a glimpse into my life and my journey as I grow as a person. I look forward to getting to laugh, love and learn together as I share my experiences and inspirations with you. It’s been a really exciting process for me and I hope you enjoy it.
Ever since I can remember, I have been busy putting together pieces of a world full fantasy and possibilities. Change, renew, recycle and create. Those were always my motto and my passion. The colors, forms and textures seemed to have a life on their own! And they talked to me… played with me. I have a treasure trove of childhood memories, priceless moments…

Time goes by very fast. I grown up and studied Business Administration. I did not have much time to thought about creating whatsoever. Nevertheless, in my journey throughout life I visited many countries and met other cultures. I learned from unique people to see beyond the usual; to strive for wholeness; to find what makes my life meaningful.

There is any surprise to get myself back to my roots. What could be more sinful than follow my passion?

The passion that makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning ready to take on the world. The passion that help me to keep going when everything around appears to be falling apart. The passion that make me want to give 110 percent of myself, rather than putting in the minimum requirement to pick up a paycheck.

I love creating unique, simple, elegant, whimsical, and traditional designs. I truly enjoy putting one-of-a-kind items together. I enjoy decorating interiors and creating one-of-a-kind wreaths for any occasion. Event design has been a hobby of mine for quite some time.

I have designed decorated and coordinated wedding events, large/small birthday parties and baby showers for my friends and family who urged me to make a career change for years. Alongside I shared their joy; I found fulfillment being part of their stories, helping them to make a very special moment unforgettable. I felt myself awarded by their smile and sparkling eyes as they walk around their decorated venue.

From everything I saw and experienced, I learned to open my mind and trust my wings. I discovered well-being making others happy, helping them to make their loved ones happy. That is what brings us together; these values make every day of life to something precious.

It was a long way to get here. I overcame great obstacles and realized that nothing is impossible for those who dare. I am ready! It is time to set new priorities.

A Talent is a Duty – Wise words from the famous painter Käthe Kollwitz!




An Idea starts with a dream; And very often a trigger it is all an idea needs to be become a business.

Some time ago I wanted to blow a party for a family member. Not a ordinary party, it was special occasion.
I needed unusual items which would provide an elegant yet casual and cozy look to the event. Finding those perfect deco accessories, dishware and glassware proved to be not an easy task.

It should be a small group family member and close friends, the idea of getting rented articles popped up not immediately on my mind. Strangely enough most of us think on such possibility only for big events. I start looking around meaning shopping. Surprisingly, the offer in the region it is not overwhelming and most of them overpriced. Somehow disappointed and frustrated I had to rethink my plan.

At this point I had thousand  wasps dancing inside my head. I was facing with an economic-financial dilemma! No need to mention how pointless is to invest a lot of money in tens which will have only sporadic use; Where to storage them? No, buying it is out of question.

-It must have another way. I have to find it! – I told myself over and over again.

Tirelessly, I searched hours long until a tableware supplier/party rentals „pop up“ on my screen. That is it! Fast in disbelieve I could not understand why I have not try this option before.
With renewed strength, I did research further only to discover that most of the companies offer standard items or they are just too far away. Transport costs would overstress the budget. Once again a „No Go” Wait … what if lots of other people have the same problem?

Et Voila: Dekoria was born!





Our values are the guidelines and pillars of our company culture which in our daily work define WHO we are.


We are PEOPLE who work diligently to offer the best service and earn the continued trust of our clients achieved through respect, integrity, reliability and commitment.

Client Focus

We are PEOPLE who put the needs and wishes of our client’s first and work to find the concept that
meet and exceed their exceptions. We remain flexible to provide effective services which can quickly and efficiently respond to a last minute demand.

Be Passionate, Creative and Open-minded

We are PEOPLE who dare to be different, we put all our energy on remain creative and innovative, we embrace every new project with passion, determinated to deliver WOW services.

Continuous Learning

We are PEOPLE who embrace continuous learning, constant improvement and development. We encourage opportunities where learning and improvement enables talented people to realize their full potential to create an environment where a constant flow of great ideas and interactive processes drives our organization forward. We pursue ability to question assumptions and beliefs, understand strengths and shortcomings, and commit to continued growth within a community context.





For us, terms like „small is beautiful“, „less is more“ or „exclusive“ are really meaningful; For you too? Then you are just about to make the right choice.
In a world where everything changes in a flash, in which one believes to have seen everything already; in which everyday more people rather go for quantity than quality, it has become very challenging enchanting, surprising or amazing somebody. Many have forgotten the meaning of genuine, authentic or unique. Others do not believe it is affordable.
It is not easy to see through the huge amount glittering “one size fit all” or “all inclusive” offers, but you should really try. It really worth it!
Our goal is design you an event which mirroring your personality. Emphasize in every detail your dearest values. We aim to inspire you, to bring you fresh ideas and put at your disposal outstanding deco accents which will help you to achieve the “perfect” atmosphere.
Some could think that we are swimming against; walking backwards … We assure you they are wrong. We think different. For this reason, we decided to take care of small – medium size events. We have specialized in events from 2 to 120 people. This can be a romantic candlelight dinner, a backyard birthday party, a wedding reception a kids party or a corporative event.

We provide only high-quality products from a large collection of worldwide selected items. We put our talent and our strength at your service with focus on your targets. We dedicate our expertise to make from your event an unforgettable experience with your family and friends.

We are committed to realize your project in creative and innovative way. With flexible thinking find the right product or service which will attend your needs. It means that your celebration – whether small or slightly larger – does not lose its charm and elegance.
Do you plan a event and are looking for ideas to make it lovingly, tastefully and memorable?

Here we are! For you designed.